Sylvette Suede
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Sylvette Suede (シルベット・スエード Shirubetto Suēdo) is the little sister of Gauche Suede. She was seen with her brother when he told her that he was promoted. It is said that her parents are dead and she lived with her brother, but as of now she lives by herself (along with Lag and Niche) when Gauche left. Sylvette cannot walk and uses a wheelchair to move. She makes dolls and dresses to pay of her rent and payments. She has the same name as her mother, Sylvette Suede.


Sylvette has shoulder long, silver-white hair in which she usually ties in a ponytail with a blue or yellow ribbon. She is always seen with a brown wheel chair. She has ocean blue eyes and wears a pink dress. Sylvette mostly wears brown boots and aprons.


Sylvette is caring, kind, and responsible. She is a crybaby like Lag, although she is mature and independent. However, Sylvette does tend to nag a lot as a result of being left alone at a young age.


  • Sylvette was born on "The Day of Flicker", the same as Lag
  • Sylvette, Gauche, and Lag are all Albisians
  • She was named after her mother (Sylvette Suede) by Gauche