The Child Of Maka

First Appearance

Niche is Lag Seeing's dingo and has cat-like eyes. She also has golden hair which she fights with, known as "The Golden Sword" capable of carrying large objetcs such as a Gaichuu. When fighting, her hair turns into 6 long golden swords. Niche wanted Lag to refer her as "Niche, my dingo".

Lag found her as a letter at the train station on his way to his Bee Interview. The address on her mailing label was incomplete and she was scheduled to be "abandoned". Thinking what would happen if Gauche had abandoned him back then, Lag decides to deliver her since he wasn't a Letter Bee yet. Lag found out that she doesn't have a name yet and decided to call her Niche, but she disagreed on it. During their trip, Lag found out that Niche doesn't wear any underwear. She said that she doesn't need any underwear and won't wear them. After Lag called her beauitful, Niche decided to wear the underwear and said that Lag was the first man to get her wear underwear. After that, she decides to take the name, Niche.

After reaching "Love Someone Down", Lag saw that the animals there have marks on their body. Niche said goodbye to Lag as she was led into the tent. On his way back to the station, someone asked him whether there was a freak show. Lag remember that the animals were being mistreated and rushed back. When he reached there, Lag saw Niche destroying the circus and releasing all the animals. Lag chase her as she went into Bccoruoli Forest full of Gaichuu. When Lag caught up to her, he found her facing a Gaichuu. Niche cuts it head off but the Gaichuu continues its attack and injures Niche. Lag then fired a Shindan into the Gaichuu's weak spot and destroy it. This caused Niche to see Lag's memories and decides to become Lag's Dingo. An escaped animal decides to come along with them and Niche named him Steak.


Niche has sharp blue eyes, fair skin, and golden hair which she always wears in long pigtails. She wears a long-sleeved lavender-pink dress with white accents and a crown-like neckline, a salmon-pink scarf, white underwear, and salmon-pink boots. She wears large oven mitts to hide her claws.

Niche appears to be a girl of 7, alhough she is actually 200 years old. She is small and flat chested making her jealous of full figured women like Aria Link and her older sister.


  • Lag thought Niche was a boy at first, although he changed his mind when he saw she wasn't wearing underwear (therefore knowing for sure Niche is a girl).
  • Niche is younger than she sounds, as she didn't know what marriage is before they met the couple Bonnie and Moss.
  • Niche has an older sister whom she was separated from, they reunited when she and Lag investigated the caves at Blue Notes Blues.
  • Niche takes pride in being a dingo, going so far as to fight other exceptional dingos like Valentine and Roda to prove it.
  • Her feral nature allows her to talk to and understand animal dingos.