Lag Seeing

First Appearance
Lag Seeing (ラグ・シーイング Ragu Shīingu) is the main protagonist of the series. When he was younger, he was separated from his mother, Anne. He always wanted to become a Letter Bee, so he can see his mother again. Along his adventures he met the child of Maka, he named her Niche. She later became his dingo, when he saved her from a freak show.


Lag is sweet, friendly, and polite. Although sometimes shy, he is very determined and passionate. Even though his past was very unfortunate, Lag has almost no regrets with it-how kind. He tends to have a hard time explaining things to Niche.


  • He is a crybaby.
  • He was the first one to get Niche to wear underwear.
  • Lag has a red Spirit Amber eye, almost always covered by his hair.
  • Because of all that has happened to him in his life, Lag tries to avoid doing the wrong thing, like stealing.
  • His Special attack is: Red Needle
  • He has the power to reveal heart fragments