Jiggy Pepper
Jiggy pepper

First Appearance
Jiggy Pepper (ジギー・ペッパー Jigī Peppā) is a semi-recurring Bee, whose Shindanjuu is his motorcycle. He was first mentioned in chapter three by his adopted sister, Neli. Neli hated him because she blamed the death of her brother Nero on his leaving them. When Lag shot off a heart bullet at Nero's letter, it was revealed he wanted to get stronger for Neli. Jiggy later appeared saving Lag from a giant Gaichuu that had trapped him in a trance. He said he had received a letter from his sister Neli, telling him about Lag's efforts, and thanked him, before departing. He later appears due to a request from Largo and says that he follows who he wants to follow and no one else. Largo then gives him a wounded Zazie to take care of and they leave pursuing the Gaichuu heading towards the capital. Zazie worships him as a hero. His Dingo is a hawk named Harry.
Jiggy's spirit amber is Gunjou, Sea Blue Ultramarine, which he executes through a Shindanjuu he carries besides his motorcycle.