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The episodes of the Tegami Bachi anime are an adaptation of the manga series by creator Hiroyuki Asada, currently serialized on the Japanese monthly Jump SQ. magazine. The story is about a boy named Lag Seeing, who is a "Letter Bee", a delivery boy at the "Bee Hive" which fulfills everyone's delivery requests. Lag's "Dingo", or personal bodyguard, keeps him out of danger from the Gaichuu, giant insects that roam the darkness and attacks anyone near them. The series explores Lag's adventures as he helps deliver packages for the inhabitants of AmberGround. The animation will be handled by Studio Pierrot, while the cast that voiced some of the characters featured in the Tegami Bachi special Tegami Bachi: Hikari to Ao no Gensō Yawa (テガミバチ 〜光と青の幻想夜話〜, Letter Bee: Light and Blue Night Fantasy) will return for the regular anime.

The series premiered on TV Tokyo, TV Osaka, TV Aichi and their affiliated stations on October 3, 2009. A total of seven DVDs were released in January 2010 by Bandai Visual. The episodes have currently four pieces of theme music, two opening themes and two ending themes. The first opening theme Hajimari no Hi (はじまりの日 Day of Beginnings) is sung by Suga Shikao featuring Japanese hip-hop DJ Mummy-D which appears in the first 13 episodes, while Love Letter no Kawari ni Konoshi o. (ラブレターのかわりにこの詩を。 This Poem In Place of the Love Letter.) is sung by Seira, which serves as the second opening theme for episodes 14 onwards. The first ending theme Hatenaki Michi (果てなき道, lit. Endless Road) is sung by HIMEKA which appear in the first 13 episodes, while Hikari no Kioku (光の記憶 Memories of the Light) is sung by Japanese rock band Angelo, which serves as the second ending theme from episode 14 onwards.

List of EpisodeEdit

Tegami BachiEdit

Episode 1: Letter and Letter Bee
Episode 2: My Friends
Episode 3: Crybaby Boy, Letter Girl
Episode 4: Lag's Dingo
Episode 5: Dead End Town
Episode 6: Letter to Jiggy Pepper
Episode 7: Yuusari Central, 13 Nocturne Way, Head Post Office Beehive
Episode 8: Meeting with Sylvette Suede
Episode 9: The Crybaby Boy's Vow
Episode 10: Beneath The Light
Episode 11: Letter of Lies
Episode 12: The Red and Green Ribbon
Episode 13: The Promised Land
Episode 14: The Corpse Doctor
Episode 15: Escape of Love
Episode 16: Fan Letter to the Musician
Episode 17:Letter Bee and Dingo
Episode 18:Letter Pigeon
Episode 19:The Sick Letter Bee and Girls
Episode 20: Lost Letter
Episode 21: Potpourri of Memories
Episode 22: The Note that Connects Dreams
Episode 23: Honey Waters
Episode 24: Memories of Three Hearts

Episode 25: The Ones Unable to Become Spirits

Tegami Bachi REVERSEEdit

REVERSE Episode 1: Promise
REVERSE Episode 2: Underwear and Bread
REVERSE Episode 3: The Hydrangea-Colored Picture Letter
REVERSE Episode 4: Wilderness Imagery Lighthouse
REVERSE Episode 5: Reverse World
REVERSE Episode 6: Dolly
REVERSE Episode 7: Film Noir
REVERSE Episode 8: Blue Notes Blues
REVERSE Episode 9: 200 Years of Solitude
REVERSE Episode 10: Veritably Abbey
REVERSE Episode 11: Cabernet Attacks
REVERSE Episode 12: Light Shines on the Darkness
REVERSE Episode 13: Crimson Melody
REVERSE Episode 14: The Day of Flicker
REVERSE Episode 15: Welcome Home
REVERSE Episode 16: Roda, Wanders
REVERSE Episode 17: Lies and Truth
REVERSE Episode 18: The Lost Heart Bullet
REVERSE Episode 19: Neither Malice, Nor Hatred
REVERSE Episode 20: The Smile of Hope
REVERSE Episode 21: Lawrence's Ambition
REVERSE Episode 22: A Place to Return To
REVERSE Episode 23: In Akatsuki
REVERSE Episode 24: Final Battle! Yuusari Central
REVERSE Episode 25: Light of the Heart